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Job Seekers from Kudumbashree families


Get registered at your nearest Keralashree/Kudumbashree office with the following:

Passbook of the NHG member in your family.

Attested copies of your academic credentials.

Registration fees for a year (Rs. 75).
Registration Number

You will be provided with a number on registration which will be your reference number on Keralashree for further communications and transactions.

Post resumes

Your resumes cannot be directly posted online on Keralashree.

Your resumes can be posted at the nearest Keralashree/Kudumbashree Office.

Your resumes will not be displayed for the public or the recruiters to view.

Search Jobs

The recruiters job posting list is not on display for the job seekers to view. Keralashree will search jobs to suit the specifications and requirements of the job seekers.
Applying for the Job
The job seeker is not expected to apply directly for the job. The resumes of suitable candidates for the job profiles posted on Keralashree will be forwarded to the recruiters from Kudumbashree with intimation to the candidate.
Call Letter for Interview

Your call letter for interview will be sent to you directly by the recruiter if you are selected.

Appointment Order

On intimation of your selection for the post your appointment order will have to be collected from the nearest Kudumbashree office.



Registration is free. You may register online directly or seek assistance of Keralashree. On registration you will be provided with an ID number which will be your reference number on Keralashree for further communications and transactions.

Post Jobs
You may post jobs directly. You will be provided with a user ID. The job posting list is not on display for the jobseekers to view.
Search Resumers
Keralashree will search and forward resumes of candidates that match with the requirements of the job profile posted for selection through Kudumbashree.
Selecting a Candidate
The final selection of the candidate is the discretion and responsibility of the recruiter. A list of candidates suitable to your specifications will be forwarded by Kudumbashree for your selection.
Call Letter for interview

Call letter for interviews may be send directly to the candidates.

Appointment Order

Appointment Orders may be forwarded to Kudumbashree

Users of Special Package Services
To use the special package services you need not be a registered user. Certain services however require a declaration (link) from the user of the service.
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