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Groom potential employees for soft skills required in a job environment.
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Keralashree will feature basic and detail information on the employers including.

  • Company profile.
  • Job listing.
  • Job profile.

On behalf of employers we will also

  • Provide candidates for selection.
  • Interview and select suitable candidates.
  • Provide specialized training on request.
Regularly update job listings.

Benefits to employers

Freejob posting

Save time and money. Let Keralashree post your jobs for you.

Candidate Search

Let Keralashree search resumes of prime candidates from the extensive database to fit your requirements.

Company Profile

Project a positive image with your corporate logo and description.

Resume alerts

Inform you of recently post resumes on your specifications

Training and development programmes

Up grade your employees skills through Keralashree. Training and Development programmes



Registration is free. You may register online directly or seek assistance of Keralashree. On registration you will be provided with an ID number which will be your reference number on Keralashree for further communications and transactions.

Post Jobs
You may post jobs directly. You will be provided with a user ID. The job posting list is not on display for the jobseekers to view.
Search Resumers
Keralashree will search and forward resumes of candidates that match with the requirements of the job profile posted for selection through Kudumbashree.
Selecting a Candidate
The final selection of the candidate is the discretion and responsibility of the recruiter. A list of candidates suitable to your specifications will be forwarded by Kudumbashree for your selection.
Call Letter for interview

Call letter for interviews may be send directly to the candidates.

Appointment Order

Appointment Orders may be forwarded to Kudumbashree

Terms and Conditions
  • Keralashree offers display of the profile of the organization/recruiter on the website on registration.
  • The registered organization/recruiter is entitled to this privilege and other services offered by Keralashree for a period of one year from the date of registration.
  • The discretion of the removal of the profile of the registered organization/recruiter before or at the time of expiry from the website rests with Keralashree.
  • The discretion of the withdrawal of the profile of the registered organization/recruiter before or on expiry rests with the organization/recruiter.
  • Keralashree guarantees only for the academic credentials of the candidate.
  • The responsibility in the final selection of the suitable candidate rests with the organization/recruiter.
  • The details of the panel of candidates forwarded for selection should not be passed on to other organizations/recruiters.
  • The list and details of the jobseekers cannot be viewed by the organizations/recruiters online.
  • The resumes of suitable candidates will be forwarded to the recruiters based on their requirements.
  • Keralashree will not be held liable for loss of any data provided or for any delay in responding to a requirement due to reasons beyond the control of Keralashree.
  • 10% of the first month’s salary is to be paid to Keralashree at the time of appointment as service charges which may be deducted from the employee.
  • Keralashree’s liability to the organization/recruiter ends with the placement order of the selected candidate
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