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Job Seekers

Job Seekers from Kudumbashree family, Keralashree will be your friend and guide as you step into a world of job opportunities. From writing a resume to facing an interview board and acquiring the soft skills needed in a job environment.

We offer you a range of services

Keralashree will register information on job seekers relating to

  • qualification.
  • Personal information
  • Resume
  • Options.

Your specialization will be matched with the requirement of prospective employers to provide optimum job opportunities.

Specialized training will be imparted depending on the demands of the job.

Benefits to job seekers

Resume Posting

A reliable platform for posting your resume to enter the labour market

Job Search

Keralashree will search and match your specific criteria including your skills, preferred location etc to the job requirements of the recruiters.

Resume Building

Help you to build result oriented resumes.

Interview Preparation

Brief the candidate on the recruiters business and his needs and also prepare the candidate to face the interview.

End to End Employment Solutions

Personalised services and guidance to assist you through your path to career and career building, including training and capacity building programmes on request and demand.

Please go through the terms and conditions of Keralashree before registering with us.



Get registered at your nearest Keralashree/Kudumbashree office with the following:

Passbook of the NHG member in your family.

Attested copies of your academic credentials.

Registration fees for a year (Rs. 75).

Terms and Conditions

  • Keralashree offers no guarantee or warranties that there would be a satisfactory response or any response at all once the resume or service information is registered with us.
  • The payment for registration/services once effected is not refundable.
  • The payment made entitles the subscriber to the services for the period opted from the date of registration with Keralashree.
  • Keralashree neither guarantees nor offers any warranty for the credentials of the recruiters/organizations enlisted. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to check on the authenticity before responding to the interview call.
  • The subscription is not transferable and it is valid only for one placement.
  • The subscriber is not expected to respond directly to the recruiter/organization.
  • The resume of the subscriber will not be displayed for the public or the recruiters to view.
  • The subscriber will not have any direct access to the recruiters information on vacancies online.
  • The resume will be forwarded to the recruiters based on their requirements.
  • Keralashree will not be held liable for loss of any data provided or delay in responding to a requirement due to reasons beyond the control of Keralashree.
  • 10% of the first month’s salary will be deducted by the recruiter on behalf of Keralashree for the services rendered.
  • Keralashree’s liability to the subscriber ends with the placement.

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